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    How do I retrieve leads from a Facebook Ads campaign?

    Monika Paszkiewicz | December 30, 2022

    One of the common questions from novice marketers using Facebook Lead Ads campaigns is: How do I retrieve leads from a Facebook ad campaign? This is because the ad panel is not very intuitive.

    How do you take leads from a Facebook ad campaign in 2023?

    Update: July 2023

    To download contacts acquired through Facebook Ads campaigns, simply go to and click on the download icon in the top right corner. This is currently the fastest way to download contacts from completed contact forms in Meta Ads campaigns.

    How do I get leads from Meta Ads campaigns?

    Also explore an alternative, longer path:

    To download contacts acquired through Facebook advertising campaigns, simply go to the publishing tools tab on your fanpage (company page), then form library and download leads from the advertising campaign.

    We have prepared special step-by-step instructions on how to download contacts below.

    Step-by-step instructions for downloading contacts from an advertising campaign:

    1. In the main view on your company page (fanpage), select publishing tools from the menu on the left.

    If you had difficulty finding this section, you can also try in the add in path of the /publishing_tools link as in this example:

    Path leading to Facebook publishing tools

    This ensures that you go straight to the right place.

    NOTE! if you do not see the “publishing tools” section or the way with the link does not work, it is very possible that you do not have the correct permissions and the forms library is not available to you. Therefore, first check that you have the right permission level (administrator) to do this.

    2. After clicking on the publishing tool, select forms library from the menu on the left.

    You will see a list of all forms (active and inactive). You can check the creation dates of each form or see how many contacts they have generated.

    3. Click the DOWNLOAD button next to the form from which you want to download contacts.

    Download contacts in the forms library panel

    4. In the next step, you have a choice of two download options:

    A. Download all forms since the last download – i.e. if today is 22 November and you last downloaded forms on 15 November, you will now download contacts acquired between 15.11 and 22.11.

    B. Download forms by date range – you determine yourself which period you want to download contacts from.

    5. Once you have clicked on the option you want, a pop-up will appear where you can choose which format to download the contacts in: CSV or XLS. Once you click on the selected format, the leads will automatically download to your drive.

    Forms in CSV or XLS – Facebook Ads

    As you can see for yourself – fetching leads from Facebook is not difficult, we hope the instructions were helpful! Remember also that there are many tools on the market that can automate this process. If you want to know about them then write in the comments.

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