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    Our mission

    We firmly believe that we are able to improve the quality of service every day. We know that development and self-improvement is what brings positive results. We do not tolerate mediocrity.

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    What makes us different?

    Both in life and at work we are guided by certain principles that make us happy and do our job well.

    We do not tell fairy tales

    We work with solid data and draw conclusions based on it. Honesty is one of the fundamental values that guide us in life and work.

    We are innovative

    We are eager to test new media and tools. We are well aware that in order to stay one step ahead of the competition, we have to go beyond the patterns.

    We really care

    We listen, we care, we help and we are proactive because we believe in the success of the projects in which we are fully engaged.

    We are ethical

    We earn our partners' trust through transparency, security, compliance, privacy and efficiency. We deliver the most ethical solutions in the industry.

    We trust and respect

    We believe that everyone should be seen, heard and valued. Listening to different perspectives drives innovation, deepens connections and makes us better people and teams.

    We are open

    An open mind, a lack of fear of the unknown and the acceptance of differences are the qualities that make us capable of giving our best in all circumstances.

    Get to know us

    As a team we have been working together since the beginning of 2020. We are experienced, but still hungry for new challenges.

    Jakub Papuga


    Rafal Golan


    Justyna Mikołajczyk

    Graphic Designer

    Monika Paszkiewicz

    Senior PPC Specialist

    Jakub Pałucha

    PPC Specialist

    Wojtek Cymerman

    Senior PPC Specialist

    Kasia Sobótka

    Content / Strategy Specialist

    Paulina Smagacz

    PPC / Content Specialist

    Zosia Mikoś

    PPC Specialist