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    In 2021 alone, we spent over €0,5 million on advertising campaigns for our partners. Thanks to an effective action strategy and an experienced team, the above amount was converted into over €5 million of revenue. We conduct diversified activities to deliver results for each type of business.

    Happy Parrots - doświadczeni specjaliści w digital marketingu, Jakub Papuga, Paulina Smagacz i Justyna Mikołajczyk

    Facebook Ads

    We earn over €3 million a year for our partners. We conduct sales campaigns, acquire contacts and build recognition.


    Google Ads

    Our campaigns generate an average return of €11.21 for every €1 invested in a search network or product campaign.


    TikTok Ads

    We were one of the first agencies in Poland to launch paid advertising campaigns on TikTok. We paved the way and created effective advertising campaigns.


    Linkedin Ads

    More than 66% of contacts acquired from Lead Ads campaigns on LinkedIn are considered quality submissions by our partners.


    YouTube Ads

    Our ads on YouTube have already been viewed for a total of over 4,000 hours and the cost per view can be as low as a few cents.


    Pinterest Ads

    With paid campaigns on Pinterest, we generate leads to landing pages for as little as €0.02 in the home & decor industry.



    We have introduced more than 20 online shops here. For most of them, after three months from the start of the campaign, the revenue from Allegro accounted for more than 50% of the entire shop's revenue.


    Amazon Ads

    This is still a novelty on the Polish market, so finding an agency that has experience in this field is hard. Fortunately, you've come to the right place!


    Ceneo Ads

    Price comparison marketing is still very much underestimated, even though its optimisation can increase ROAS by up to 800% per month.


    E-mail Marketing

    Email marketing is not dead, it's doing well to the extent that there is talk of a kind of renaissance of this channel. We can increase newsletter revenues by up to 300% per year.


    Social Media

    Build and maintain customer relationships with engaging social media content. Opt for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest.



    A long-term content marketing strategy combined with the right linking can bring great results. Trust the team with the writing skills.


    Merketing strategy

    Act wisely and thoughtfully. The right marketing strategy is the foundation of your brand development. We will take care of it for you and help you implement it!


    GDPR startegy

    We operate legally and in compliance with RODO. We know our stuff and help you implement all the recommendation so you can rest easy.


    Photo sessions

    A good product is essential. But even more important is to show it at its best. We can do this thanks to creative photographers and great models.



    Great companies need great tools. HubSpot is a CRM solution containg features that can help your business. We have helped several companies with setting it up and manage it successfully.



    Zuzanna Wędołowska o współpracy z agencją marketingową Happy Parrots

    Along with the entire Szpinak robi bleee team, we are thrilled with our partnership with Happy Parrots so far. We finally know what good e-commerce marketing care means. Contact with the team is quick and efficient, even in crisis or weekend situations. We are well informed and feel taken care of at every stage of the collaboration - from planning general activities, to specific ad campaigns, to reporting on their effectiveness. Finally, I know exactly where the money invested in advertising is going. Most importantly - Happy Parrots are simply effective, their ads are targeted yet unobtrusive, and sales results are steadily increasing.

    Owner Szpinak Robi Blee

    Sylwia Ptak - Dyrektor Szkoły Językowej Lingualand o wspołpracy z Happy Parrots

    Thank you for a great working relationship. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and experience in the industry and all the valuable advice and feedback I have had the pleasure of using. Thank you also for your professional care and efficient operation.

    Lingualand's Director

    We partnered with Happy Parrots to implement Meta Ads sales campaigns for our online store. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations, as revenue from the Facebook campaign has increased by over 2000% within three months of its launch. We are very pleased with the cooperation!

    Marketing Wisan

    Emilia Kaczmarska-Feder o współpracy z agencją marketingową Happy Parrots

    We highly appreciate the enormous commitment and passion that characterizes the whole Happy Parrots team. Although we have only been working for a few months we have already noticed a definite improvement in their sales results. They are experts in what they do, giving the customer a lot of care and interest. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.

    Projects Director - Quest for English

    Mateusz Zachodni z Netii o współpracy z agencją reklamową Happy Parrots

    After the Facebook RODO related changes in December 2020, I stopped dealing with advertising on FB. Around February, I started looking for someone to help me. Initial conversations with agencies were unsuccessful. Finally, one evening I came across an ad by Jacob regarding the topic of exhausting audiences. I read the article and fell into the trap of advertising:D. Seriously, I wrote on messenger. Kuba was the first one who didn't pour water, didn't throw phrases like "brand recognition" which didn't make sense in my situation because I work for a big telecom. I care mainly about acquiring new customers. And all in all, I've been able to do that successfully for over a year now. In December 2021, we extended the contract for another 24 months. Importantly, I decided on it myself and proposed it myself. Happy Parrots is not only Kuba, it's also Rafał, who in case of any questions regarding RODO answers in a matter-of-fact manner and gives advice. Wojtek takes care of my campaigns on an ongoing basis, responding efficiently to emails, phone calls and text messages. At any time I can consult with him about the results I achieved or throw out some crazy idea and he will tell me whether we should try it or there is no point. And I cannot forget about Justyna, who is a great graphic designer. Advertising materials are created extremely quickly. What can I say, my advertising materials are better than those of the headquarters ;). In short: efficient, pleasant contact. Established goals are achieved :D. Cooperation goes very well and is extended to other platforms.

    Sales Manager Netia

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