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    Gen Z prefers video that promotes a sense of community and relaxation, says new YouTube report.

    Rafal Golan | July 3, 2022

    In order to better understand how Generation Z producers and viewers are influencing the newest video trends, YouTube just issued a new Culture & Trends study.

    To provide users a deeper understanding of what is now popular in pop culture, the study includes research data from more than 10 different nations.

    According to the study, personally relevant material is what distinguishes today’s digital culture. In fact, 65% of Generation Z (18–24 years old) feel that attention-grabbing content that is authentic and personal is far more crucial than content that is widely discussed, such as viral videos.

    Three primary sorts of patterns appeared at the core of all the research:

    Community creativity

    In the digital era, groups of people are coming together around specialized interests to create broader shared experiences.

    YouTube has evolved into a crucial platform for the growth of these online communities, turning these groups and their producers into the main sources of information on pop culture.

    With 61% of Generation Z identifying as big fans of something or someone, fandoms are one of the most impactful forms of community, claims YouTube.

    These fan networks were once a byproduct of entertainment, but now they form the core of it. This is the case with K-Pop enthusiasts, who have a huge following of devoted followers and billions of views on YouTube channels devoted to this rapidly expanding community.

    Creativity in a variety of forms

    A greater range of media and forms are exhibiting trends. One illustration of this is the rising popularity of short-form video, which has stimulated the creation of artists in a variety of short-form forms in an effort to take advantage of significant trends and expand one’s audience.

    Videos are advancing past the restriction of having a single profitable format. Short and long form cultural phenomena are dynamically interchangeable. The fact that 59% of Generation Z use short-form video applications to find content they can later view in larger formats demonstrates this.

    In order to develop and strengthen their interaction with the audience, hybrid creators take use of their expertise in producing a variety of media. Therefore, it is very likely that these hybrid creators and continuously remixed trends will become the new norm.

    Memes are a current trend in the creation and consumption of remixable content, in addition to videos.

    • In the last 12 months, 63% of Generation Z followed one or more meme accounts.
    • Among Generation Z, 57% of respondents concur that they prefer when brands interact with memes.

    This style is a very interactive cultural expression that may produce a wide range of original content.

    Adaptive creativity

    The inclination to produce and consume information in response to psychological and emotional demands is referred to as responsive creativity.

    As the epidemic spread, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), which has grown in popularity, and other films that cater to specific personal requirements were becoming increasingly popular, according to YouTube.

    As a consequence, 83% of Generation Z watched relaxing videos on YouTube.

    A more recent occurrence is the identification of “comfort creators,” or producers whose familiarity makes people feel safe.

    82% of Generation Z have used YouTube to watch nostalgic video, and 69% of them concur that they frequently watch content from producers they find comforting.

    Horror movies may sometimes provide comfort, right?

    A whopping 53% of Millennials agree on that!

    Although it may seem paradoxical, horror content may be both calming and a form of “soothing balm” for certain members of this age who are experiencing anxiety and trauma.

    In a nutshell, the future of creativity is:

    where there is interaction with online communities; content is seamlessly delivered in a variety of media; and answers audience requests.

    As a result, the richness and personalization of information will become increasingly important and crucial for a brand’s success. It’s obvious that pop culture is evolving, and modern video technology must change with it!

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