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    12 reasons to hire an advertising firm rather than starting your own department.

    Rafal Golan | May 5, 2022

    Why engage an advertising agency rather than go with an in-house model?

    One of the most common queries I get is why a company should use an advertising agency rather than deal directly with various media suppliers.

    Business owners frequently argue that by bringing their marketing in-house, i.e., forming their own team within the company, they save money on agency fees and can utilize the funds formerly devoted to advertising expenses to expand their business.

    While this may appear to be a good idea on paper, going ‘in-house’ has significant inefficiencies and indirect expenses.

    We founded our own marketing agency for a specific reason: we wanted to be able to offer whatever marketing solutions we thought the client needed and with the highest possible standard.

    1. Agencies have more knowledge

    The company hires or collaborates with several experts in various media and marketing approaches. This gives the agency a degree of experience beyond any single business owner or media and advertising specialist. Finding a manager or specialist who fully understands all advertising approaches’ subtleties is highly unusual (I have never encountered one). A business owner will never know as much as a marketing agency that can build and implement a marketing strategy.

    2. The time savings the agency provides more than compensate for its fees

    Business owners that choose “in-house” solutions spend significantly more time on marketing efforts during the week. They become engrossed in the nitty-gritty of numerous marketing initiatives, whereas an agency can handle the precise and detailed work. They are wasting time that they do not require. The business owner is responsible for overseeing marketing and ensuring that the plan is in line with the company’s objectives. It is usually not the best use of their time to micromanage every component of the marketing plan. A business owner can typically accomplish more profitable things with their time. The cost of lost production due to this strategy is frequently significantly higher than the agency fees.

    3. A fresh and objective perspective

    Knowing your company inside and out is beneficial, but it can lead to skewed ideas and an unemotional attitude on what is best for your company’s future and success. You can miss out on apparent possibilities that could help you land some fantastic offers. An advertising agency provides an objective, outside perspective that exposes you to reality and different alternative solutions that you might not have considered appropriate for your company otherwise.

    4.   Hiring new staff is expensive

    Hiring new and dedicated employees is a costly endeavor, and if you’re looking for top-tier talent, believe me when I say you may not be able to hire them full-time. Working with an agency gives you access to top-tier advertising expertise. The best part about contacting advertising firms is that they can assist you whenever you need it.

    5. Develop your brand

    Building a brand is a difficult task, so even the most seasoned businesses struggle. With their experience and skills, advertising companies may be of tremendous assistance in producing a logo and creating advertising that can raise brand awareness.

    Additionally, agencies provide research that places your company in the most successful target market. You get effective advertising in all areas with targeted social media advertising, which is an excellent return on investment.

    6. Make the most of your advertising budget

    You may have a good grasp on money management, but are you getting the most out of your advertising budget? Getting expert assistance can be a good idea.

    Advertising companies work with various businesses, each with its own set of budgetary restraints. They implement the optimal financial plan for your specific business based on their knowledge and experience, allowing you to optimize your audience reach while lowering the burden on your bank account. Make sure you use the right metrics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign when using advertising platforms like Google Adwords.

    7.   Focus on your core competencies

    Advertising agencies exist for a reason; they are a powerful group of experts who know what they do. You may concentrate on your core strengths by trusting them and their activities in your marketing campaigns.

    8. Keep up with the trends

    It is critical that you and your company be aware of current advertising trends; what worked for you a few months ago may not work now. New forms of media are surfacing that could aid in implementing your marketing strategy. This is essentially what you are paying an advertising firm for. The agency is aware of and monitors new trends, ensuring that your company continues to expand.

    9. Works with you, not against you

    An advertising agency will collaborate with you instead of competing with you.

    You become their client, and they offer services to help your company stand out. Your success is my success.

    10. Reach your social media targets

    The goal of social media agencies is to help you reach your social media marketing objectives. On the other hand, many businesses invest in social media because everyone else is. They do it without clear goals or strategic vision. This is a recipe for disaster.

    When you present your goals to social media organizations, they will devise a plan to help you reach them. These objectives may include expanding your audience, achieving a set return on ad spend, or increasing sales in a given region. Find the firm that best suits your aims and provides the services you require for a successful campaign.

    11. Report and feedback

    It is in the agency’s best interests to achieve the most outstanding possible results because if they do not, they will lose clients. As a result, they will keep you informed about your progress and outcomes on social media. They will clearly define the essential metrics that show your social media marketing increases your business in this reporting.

    They can enhance the plan by using this feedback. To give an example, their reporting might suggest that while advertising on LinkedIn is ineffective, it is highly optimistic on Instagram, with a 10x return on ad spend. As a result, the strategy will shift to a greater emphasis on what works on Instagram.

    12. You employ a team of professionals

    You’re not just hiring one individual when you employ an agency. You’re bringing on an entire team of experts in their respective fields.

    They have it all from knowing the most excellent media buying methods to creating the most eye-catching creative. They collaborate to produce social media strategies that have a high return on investment for their clients.

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